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THE CONVULSIONS are a riff heavy punk and funk group with frenetic harmonica, organ and a barking horn section topped off with un-dulcet vocals writhing in hard edged forays into late 60’s boogaloo and deep funk.

Lyrics, where audible, offer searing insights into societal absurdities and duplicitous romance. An explosive sweaty stage presence with anywhere in the room game for ad hoc props mark all the shows.

Since Oct. 2005 the Convulsions have become based in the UK where they have broken through the British RnB / Blues festival and club circuit to play more eclectic festivals such as Lancaster Music Festival (founded by lead singer Ben Ruth), Off the Tracks, SAM in Serbia, Birmingham Artsfest, Meadowlands, Montrose, Kendal Calling and beer festivals (Keswick, Peterborough, Wokingham, Lancaster) with repeat forays into the US, South America and Eastern Europe.