“I have never seen anyone playing a harmonica at that speed or anyone play a Hammond organ at that speed. But Ben the lead singer did both AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!”

“My mate and I both stood there like the rest of the audience, grinning from ear to ear at a jaw dropping performance”

“ The audience were absolutely spellbound . . . . . simply awesome!!!"

Comments on the Dundee Blues Bonanza website

"Sprightly Anglo-US outfit inventively blend classic Windy City blues with Sixties soul, British R&B and a Nineties punk energy."

The Independent, Five Best Music (UK).

 “The live show is that by which we compare every other band we look at.”

Rob Gillis of Waterdog records.

"the hottest, punkiest, funky British Rhythm 'n Blues available in the USA. This ROCKS!!!!!!!"....

Berlin DJ Lord Litter.

“My favorite Blues Punk Band”

Buzz Kilman, WCKG.

“Combination of Mick Jagger and David Byrne . . . spastic harp . . . I was instantly riveted”

Mike Harris, Editor Chief, Illinois Entertainer.

“. . . my word these lads were AWESOME! The set climaxed in a pool of sweat that flooded the stage.”

Diane, Sister Feelgood – 2003 British RnB Festival Review in Blues Matters,

“Frenzied punk-funk fusion with attitude, this bebop meets Godzilla with harp-o-batics from hell”

Judge Jones, UK Blues Free Press

“ . . . sweaty, US blues punkers.”

Timeout Magazine



THE CONVULSIONS are a mod punk boogaloo band and comprise a core of bass, drums, guitar, punk vocals and frenzied organ and harmonica with hard edged funk forays into B3 60’s boogaloo and riff based edgy soul/funk. An explosive sweaty acrobatic stage presence mark all their shows. Since Oct. 2005 the Convulsions have become based in the UK where they have broken through the British RnB / Blues festival and club circuit to play mainstream festivals such as Off the Tracks, SAM in Serbia, Birmingham Artsfest and beer festivals (Keswick, Peterborough, Lancaster University) to great acclaim.

THE CONVULSIONS have, or are currently receiving, airplay in England, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Serbia and in the USA (West Virginia, Chicago and Texas). Shuteye Records distributed “Swear its Not You” to 420 US college radio stations. Several songs have featured in films: Resurrection Mary and Adventure Sex 1 (really!) Ben Ruth has recorded for dozens of Chicago bands and then found himself on the Animals’ new CD released in 2004.

THE CONVULSIONS headlined the 2008 SAM International Music Festival in Vrasac, Serbia and sold out of all their merchandise in 5 minutes (admittedly for two beers a CD) and had to burn CDs on the spot until the spindle was empty. They sold out all their merchandise again at the Dundee Blues Bonanza, 2009, and yet again during their 2009 August residency in Stockholm thereby just covering the cost of their beer.

THE CONVULSIONS have 5 self produced albums comprising both the Chicago and UK outfits, live shows both in the UK and USA, and more recently a full length album (“I Need This Baby Like a Hole in the Head”) all featuring their distinctive riff based lyrically quirky original compositions. The title song of the last album is the basis for their highly theatrical video shot in Bristol and due out late 2009.

THE CONVULSIONS founded an international musical exchange in 2001. Chicago Music Explosion Artist Services ( is now in its 9th year and has become a significant conduit for talent seeking gigs and recognition in Britain.

THE CONVULSIONS are Ben “Shaky” Ruth (vocals, harmonica, organ), Jason “Fingers” Wilkinson (guitar, keys), Joe “Cool Clut” Cutler (bass), John "Huckleberry" Huck (drums)

Convulsions c/o
CME Artist Services
3 Kensington House
Greaves Road
Lancaster, LA1 4UY
+44 (0)1524 380990
+44 (0)7908 495549

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