YYes, we know. We should have photos showing us playing at festivals in front of huge crowds. We have some of those with the previous lineup but we've actually done more festivals in front of bigger crowds with the new lineup (exception being headling SAM Festival in Vrsac Serbian 2008) but we've never really taken ourselves too seriously so the following pictures are just some fun. And the one's we're allowed to show anyway!

Some slide shows from 2009. Click on title to view:

Hole in the Head video shoot Box and Bristol (May and September)

Stockholm residency in Wirstroms Pub (August)

The Drummer's Pick from 2009 (may not look remarkable but most have a story - attached)

Few more from 2009 - demonstrating practical tent strategy

Photo De Jour 1 - One reason we love the Bassett's Arms (Debs and Cathy August '08)

Photo De Jour 2 - "Fez and Lion Tongue Sartorial Combination during Drummer Reclination" (also Bassetts - circa 6am):