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About the Convulsions

THE CONVULSIONS are a sharply dressed retro riff based mod funk punk Boogaloo soul outfit with frenetic harmonica, horn, organ, bass, drums and creature screams writhing in hard edged forays into late 60’s boogaloo and deep funk. Lyrics, where audible, offer searing insights into societal absurdities and duplicitous romance with an explosive sweaty stage presence. Since Oct. 2005 the Convulsions have become based in the UK where they enjoyed a wide range of performances in venues and festivals before taking a relative hiatus ending in 2017 with the establishment of the current line-up. Internationally the band has performed in Serbia, USA, Central America and Eastern Europe.

THE CONVULSIONS have two US albums (Shaken & Disturbed and Come and Get It!) and a UK 2011 EP of anti-establishment ditties courtesy of Absolute Recordings produced by Mo Whitham (Suzi Quattro’s guitarist). The most recent recording is an eponymous joint project with local Lancaster legends Get Carter (featuring legendary Hammond player James Mackie (Selector, Madness)) that although completed in 2016 has never been officially released but is available at live shows. The band has one official video “I Need This Baby Like A Hole in the Head” and various embarrassing YouTube clips of various provenance.

THE CONVULSIONS in the US had distribution in 420 US college radio stations (Shuteye Records). Several songs have featured in two films: Resurrection Mary and Adventure Sex 1 (really! - we await Adventure Sex 2 with anticipation).

THE CONVULSIONS are Ben Ruth (vocals, harmonica, organ, occ. Theramin, cuica), Jo Cutler (bass), Dan Livermore (drums), Elly Spiers (alto sax)