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Recorded in UK 2011
1. Get Your Groove On
2. Gimme Something
3. Jokerman
4. I Need This (Baby) Like a Hole in the Head
Get Your Groove On
£5.00 GBP
Shaken & Disturbed
Recordings (studio and live) from Chicago - 1998-2000
1. Think I'll Pass
2. Smoking in Germany
3. Swear it's Not You
4. Elephant Walk
5. Walk With Me
6. Don't Know What to Tell You
7. No Idea
8. Pressure's Off
9. Kow Tow
10. Intrigue
11. 50 Pounds
12. What You Tryin' to do?
13. Jan Jan
Shaken & Disturbed
£5.00 GBP (cover art no longer availalbe hence discount)
Convulsions: Come & Get It!
Live recordings from the Fabulous Lyons' Den 2001-2
1. Don't Need No Doctor
2. Outta My Life
3. Noodle Pot
4. Break Up Sex
5. Chicago Chic-A-Go-Go Girl
6. Buster Brown Blues
7. Cut You A Loose
8. Moonbuggy
9. Driving Beat
10. Woodchopper's Ball
11. The Wizard
12. Tea Bag Walkdown
13. 6V6 LA
Come and Get It!
£5.00 GBP (cover art no longer available hence discount)
Live recordings from the Palladium Club, Devon, 2003
1. Watch Your Step
2. 300lbs
3. Memphis Train
4. Git It!
5. One Way
6. Outta My Life

Convulsions: "Live at the Palladium Club"
£5.00 GBP

Live recordings from the Lyons' Den, Punk Night, Chicago, June 2004 and Corner Tavern, Louisville, KY
1. Killing Floor
2. Memphis Train

3. Outta My Life

PLUS 5 Bonus Tracks of the rawest most explosive live recordings we have!

Convulsions: "Punch Drunk"
£5.00 GBP
Live 30's/40's style jazz recordings from the Palladium Club, Devon, 2003
1. Mei Bir Mist Du Schoen
2. Body and Soul
3. Blue Drag
4. Sweet Sue
5. Ain't Misbehavin'
6. After You've Gone
7. Since You've Been Gone
Convulsions:The Gauntlet Jazz Band £5.00 GBP